Page of Wands – Billie Eilish

“I don’t belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name.”

-Billie Eilish, Copycat

The Page of Wands has unlimited potential. It is a card of inspiration and new ideas. It’s a card that is about being true to yourself, even as you discover what that even means. It’s the big bang, the inciting incident from which new worlds will emerge.

Billie Eilish, as of this moment, is just eighteen, and she’s already won several awards, including five grammys. Her lyrics are often raw and confessional; her signature look is designed to hide her figure and protect her from objectification. She belongs to herself, and what she chooses to hide or divulge, she does entirely at her own discretion. To listen to her music is to experience a young artist discovering themselves, finding new narratives, and new perspectives on old ones.