Nine of Pentacles- Alicia Keys

“It took a long, long time to get here / It took a brave, brave girl to try”

-Alicia Keys, Brand New Me

The Nine of Pentacles is about grace and control. She is surrounded by a beautiful garden, lush with the fruits of her labors, but it does not turn her head. She is focused instead on the falcon she holds, a symbol of her self-discipline and control. She is independent and self-assured, in full control of her powers.

So let’s talk about Alicia Keys, raised in Hell’s Kitchen (at the time a very rough part of New York City), trained in classical piano, and signed to a major label at the tender age of 15. She battled the label for control of her music and her image to the point where she bought her own recording equipment so she could produce the music she needed to make. She fought to regain control of her creative process, and continued to grow into the incredible artist that we now know.