2016 Wrap-Up

This year has been such a journey, it seems impossible that it could have contained as much as it has.  Twelve months ago I was still working on my thesis at SVA, and it had only just settled into its true shape.  Since then, the work I made for that project has won a place in 3×3 Magazine #13 and, most recently, the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (SILA) Illustration West #55, which has its opening on Friday, Jan 6- I wish I could go, but at least my artwork can!

The Witch

3×3 Magazine #13, Honorable Mention Illustration West #55, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles


The Slow Poison

3×3 Magazine #13, Honorable Mention


After the Flood

Illustration West #55, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles


Dieu le veult!

Illustration West #55, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles


The Burning Times

3×3 Magazine #13, Honorable Mention

In March, my husband, artist JF Lynch and I renewed our vows for our 6th wedding anniversary at BBQ Films‘ immersive screening of Beetlejuice. (Photo credit Christopher Gregory, BBQ Films.)

There we are, just to his left!

In May, I graduated with my MFA alongside nineteen of the most delightful and talented people I will probably ever know.

Look at these amazing people. I mean, come on.

In July I began getting some honest-to-god freelance illustration gigs, and in August I began working as a book jacket designer at Simon & Schuster, images from which I will share just as soon as I am able. I’ve completed a few big jobs, with another underway, and something very big possibly on the docket (fingers crossed)! Things are really happening, which has helped sustain my energies during the significantly less good events of the year (*cough* election *cough* death of icons *cough* Aleppo *cough* Brexit *cough* still too many things to string into this, dangit *cough*).

So, to all of us, Happy New Year.  Let us remember the good things, fight the bad things and keep our heads up and our wills strong.  Let’s keep going.